InkBlot Beta v2: Hello World!

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Discussing the latest upgrade and incoming expectations for the progress on the development of InkBlot.

10/22/2021 Hey there everyone! The site had a major upgrade pushed as of last Saturday and currently bringing in patrons and backers to get first access! This upgrade was long overdue and brings all of the beta testers feedback into one. This also breaks InkBlot away from shared servers that were lower in cost but very very slow! Now we have our own server and hosting which means that we get the speed of light and our own space. This is more on our monthly budget but is entirely worth it. Please consider support us on Patreon


Where are the apps?


They will be here soon before Christmas 2021! Getting the initial webapp up and running was a priority but IOS & Android will come back ASAP with a new UI/UX and same features here on the site


Some of the old features were lost? When will they come back?


Yes, this upgrade has entirely new code and language. That means things are different and not everthing could be transfered over. But no worries, we will get features such as reblogging, text posts and others back ASAP! Unforunately this the confusing dance of early development, where we make three steps forward and one step back sometimes! 

What about the Kickstarter? What happens after?


There has been amazing support with the Kickstarter! It is very exciting to see that there are so many interested in the work of InkBlot! And with only 8 days left, it is somewhat unlikely that the campagin will reach its goal but I will continue pushing! This update/upgrade is far from what the Kickstarter would make possible but its an improvement in the right direction. No matter the outcome, InkBlot will be continue. 



When will Early v1 Beta Testers have access?


October 25th! As mentioned, this is new code with new features, so I will have to manually pull over accounts myself.  If you were a v1 Beta Tester an activation link will be sent to you via email.


Any accounts not claimed will be erased/deleted on November 10th.  



I'm not a beta tester or patron or backer? When can I get acccess?


By the end of 2021 we will switch to OPEN Beta! Sign up weekends will still take place 1-2 times a month before then, so hope on our newsletter!




Our Change log will be posted this weekend to clarify all that has been added, removed and more! If you have any questions please email [email protected] Or if you have access, please reach out to me in the discord server. Thank you for your interest and support! 

-Jay InkBlot Team


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